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What's going on here then?

What's going on here then?
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Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Wedding Bells

Nick and Amy got married at the weekend - congratulations. It was a top few days, which went all too quickly. On Friday Nick came over for a relaxing evening before the stress of the next day. I didn't think the omens were good, as both Peep Show and Family Guy featured weddings going wrong. But theirs didn't!

The ceremony was at St Michaels South Hykeham and went really well. As best man, I checked that the rings were in my pocket 4 times a minute and thankfully I had them ready on time!

The reception at Hemswell was fantastic, sunny weather and delicious swal! I mean, lovely hospitality. It was great to see everyone together - the only problem being that it was so hard to spend time with everyone as there were too many people to stop in one place. The speeches all went down well - more of that later.

Finally, we had a great dance to such old time classics as 'size of a cow' and 'night train' - class!

1 comment:

Colin Ocknose said...

Please allow me to quote your original post...

"The speeches all went down well - more of that later."

It is now June 2008 and we have yet to hear more about these speeches.

I've been logging in every day since 22 May 2007. I'm beginning to think I'm wasting my time. I'll give it another year and then I'm giving up.