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What's going on here then?

What's going on here then?
This is me playing cricket for England and meeting some idiot with a biscuit tin

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

England v Belarus

Ever get in two minds about what to do? I want to go out to the quiz, but I also want to stay in and watch the Footy. Thinking about tossing a coin!

Then again, if I stay in, I save money and don't get as tired.

Think I'll stay in.

Or maybe go out.

Enough of this nonsense - the blog is back on and more interesting non-internal argumentative posts will follow.

Or will they?

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Coming back from the dead?

How long has it been since last post? 36 years - that must be a record!

If anyone texts, emails or gets in touch via Yoghurt pot and string within the next month - I will start writing the blog again on a slightly more regular basis. If you don't then no-one cares and neither do I!

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Best Ever Figures - but still lost!

The lows - we were bowled out for 54 - the highs - I took 7 - 17...

...the lows again - we still lost. Bugger! It was a really close game and with 9 men we came very close to beating Nocton away but there you go. With 4 games to go we are 5th but its still very tight in the division!

Tuesday, 17 July 2007


For those who dont know, Wales can be a very wet place. Even wetter, if you do what the stags on Danny Parkinson's stag do, do, and go canyoning. This basically involved getting on a wetsuite and life jacket and looking like a big mincer.

You can then scramble down a river, over boulders, down waterfalls and in Jon's words "float like a turd"!

Wonderful stuff, especially jumping off the top of gulleys into the water. Dont do it without supervision though kids! Really good weekend overall, good beer, midnight jog to the pub and camping action. Just a long way away!

Thursday, 5 July 2007


Its great this Facebook thing - like finding 'friendsreunited' for the first time but much better! I realised that theres so many people I've lost contact with over the years and that I'm useless at keeping in touch. Sorry!

Match off again this weekend - so yet another cricket free Sunday. Taking up water skiing instead.

Friday, 29 June 2007

Soggy weather, soggy moods

It's been truly horrendous weather recently, with gale force winds and lashing rain nearly every day. It feels like Dementors are on the loose in Lincolnshire and no-one is safe from their icy grasp. To add to the bad feelings in general, the Goldsbroughs suffered a burglary, I got done for speeding and Charlotte has been rattling through reports which gives her no free time whatsoever. I was slightly cheered by the appearance of small frogs in the garden, but to be honest, on the whole I feel a bit down with it all. Its also likely that Boston away will be cancelled on Sunday, creating a bit of a cricket vacuum.

So whats in store. Well, its happy birthday to both Nick and Jon this weekend - so its going to be raining booze and probably a couple of meals out as well. I just hope we don't get flooded out of our houses and end up living up trees like a load of dirty apes. I really don't fancy using flint to fashion a prehistoric club and then chasing after weird amphibian beasts, that are the only creatures who can survive the new climate of permanent rain and bogs. I bet they'd taste disgusting anyway and electricity would be right out. So no TV or PlayStation either, which would be rubbish.

Please let it stop raining soon!!!

Monday, 18 June 2007

Another Thirlling Victory!

A weekend of torrential rain meant that the pitch at Heighnton was somewhat soggy. As Duncan Clark put it, you can put your thumb into the pitch, up to your elbow! However, we played and despite looking like a sponge that a dog had been chewing on, there was a surprising amount of bounce. Expecting to be bowled out for around 40 - we made 138, with nibsy top scoring with 58 (ish).

Bowling we created lots of pressure but very little in the way of wicket taking opportunities. It didn't matter in the end though, as we squeezed the oppo out in the last over, they fell 5 runs short with 6 wickets in hand!

It was excellent to feel as though we were winning those close games that were real battles!

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Bad Back!

Been on holiday to Sardinia with Charlotte and really relaxed for the first time in absolutely ages. This may explain my lack of blogging! Lots of eating (seafood), drinking (Martini) and sleeping (in a bed)! Felt great until last weekend when I played cricket on a bad back - which meant that on Monday I couldn't move! Very embarassing shuffling round work, but took 4 - 7 so actually happy to take a bit of pain for the greater good. We beat Nocton by only a couple of runs, so all was good but it did go down to the wire and we could have lost even off the last ball of the innings.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Wedding Bells

Nick and Amy got married at the weekend - congratulations. It was a top few days, which went all too quickly. On Friday Nick came over for a relaxing evening before the stress of the next day. I didn't think the omens were good, as both Peep Show and Family Guy featured weddings going wrong. But theirs didn't!

The ceremony was at St Michaels South Hykeham and went really well. As best man, I checked that the rings were in my pocket 4 times a minute and thankfully I had them ready on time!

The reception at Hemswell was fantastic, sunny weather and delicious swal! I mean, lovely hospitality. It was great to see everyone together - the only problem being that it was so hard to spend time with everyone as there were too many people to stop in one place. The speeches all went down well - more of that later.

Finally, we had a great dance to such old time classics as 'size of a cow' and 'night train' - class!

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

The best ever holiday (was a disaster)...

The best holiday ever, was very nearly an absolute disaster. By rights it should have been.

My wife Charlotte and I honeymooned on a resort over-looking the beautiful coastline of Antigua. You can picture the scene: azure skies, lazy days on the beach, rum cocktails… After the busy wedding planning and the rush of the day, the chance to relax was wonderful. It was all going so well until the middle of the week.

Returning to our room, we discovered that we had been burgled. Not only was money missing but Charlotte’s engagement and wedding rings were as well. It was awful & upsetting but aside from reporting it, there was little we could do.

Determined to keep our spirits up, we travelled to ‘Devil’s Bridge’ - A natural chasm in the beach-rock under which the surf can be seen pounding.

We got too close and a wave roared over the top of the bridge, knocking Charlotte off her feet onto sharp rocks. We had to visit a roadside hospital to tend the cuts.

Returning to the hotel, we thought we’d keep a low profile. I went swimming in the sea keeping my ring safely on at all times. What an error! – within 5 minutes I felt it literally slipping off my finger. I couldn’t stop it. My face betrayed what had happened. I believe my lovely new wife may have swore.
Nothing else really happened. We enjoyed the sun, sea and company. So why should this be the best holiday ever? Well, aside from being firmly memorable (I will never forget the awful run of luck) it really brought home how close we were. None of the things that happened really hurt us. We survived and we felt closer than ever.

I wouldn’t recommend it though!